Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First Time NYC Marathoner Seeking Advice

Ah, taper time. The obsessive checking of the 10-day forecast has started. Door handles are eyed with suspicion, coughs and sneezes with disdain, and handshakes turned down. The mileage is getting lower while my appetite remains high.

That's right, dear readers, the tapering has begun.

While I fixate on having vitamin C no more than an arm's length away and rolling out my IT band every night, I'm hoping that you can provide some much needed advice (and distraction) on what it's like to run the New York Marathon.

I've run six marathons, but my resume does not (yet) include a New York Marathon.  My mind is reeling:
  • I found out that Boston begins with the Newton Hills at Mile 16. Is there a similar point in New York?
  • McMillan says, "Respect the bridges. The elevation profile is deceiving." Is he right?
  • Ryan Hall said, "Be ready to throw down at mile 22." Are the Central Park Hills that torturous?
  • What's First Avenue really like?
  • How is it getting to the start?
  • What's the runners' village like?
I want to hear from the vets who've been there before, whether it's been one time or 12 times.

What were your favorite parts? What did you dislike? What inspired you?

What do you wish someone had told you before you ran your first New York?

Drop some knowledge on me.

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