Friday, July 8, 2011

Flashy Shoes: Not Just For Sprinters Anymore

Women and shoes. That’s the stereotype, right? But I haven’t met a runner yet who doesn’t share some sort of infatuation for their running shoes…myself included. I once wore the pair of shoes I qualified for Boston in to Boston just to generate some good shoe karma. I’ve written extensively before on my attachment to my shoes.

My training partner cozies up to his new
pair of Brooks.
Some people have pics of their kids on their cell phones…I have shots of my Asics. One last way to memorialize them before they head off to that great garbage bin in the sky, right? Right?

I’ve always wondered though why the track shoes get to be so flashy. Why don’t the distance shoes ever get stitched with bold colors? Is it because we’re not as cocky? Do we not swagger? Is there not enough bad-assery in covering courses that rise and fall, that take more than one minute to complete? Since when did going anywhere from 5K to 26.2 become boring enough that we don’t deserve a flair when we lace up?

Well, people, our time has come. Feast your eyes on these:

These shoes are walking sex. Or rather, “running sex.”

I can’t wait to lace these babies up and take them out for their first spin. I wouldn’t be surprised to turn around and see scorch marks on the pavement.

Do you have the same love affair with your running shoes?

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