Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Runner's World Other Voices: Racing the Past

I recently submitted a piece to the Runner’s World blog “Other Voices” that just got accepted and published!

Titled, “Racing the Past,” it reveals a side of my father I knew little about. Though, I have a good grasp on him as a dad, I only recently discovered “my father, the runner” after uncovering an old training log he kept as a senior in high school.

That year, he set the school's record in the mile (one that still stands today) and signed with the University of Florida.

I hope you enjoy….


  1. Hi! I really enjoyed your piece on the RW website -

  2. A fathers past can be a mystery. You are lucky to have had the opportunity of learning something about the inner life of his youth. And you are talented in the way you bring the running numbers to life.
    Wish there was some way I could bring my old man to life in the same way...
    Thanks for sharing.


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