Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Start Spreading the News

On the New York.
On a whim (ok, obsessively at least once a day for the past week), I happened onto the New York Marathon Web site to check and see if my status changed from my "Lottery" to "Accepted."  You see, after I prematurely entered the lottery on November 8, the day the early-lottery opened, the day after Shalane Flanagan turned in a gutsy second place finish, I entered but didn't realize that in order to be accepted through qualification, you weren't supposed to apply until January 10.  My bad.  I was excited.

So the kind folks at New York Road Runners told me to check back on that date.  Into the Outlook Calendar it went.  That's where I found myself today, checking back, on my lunch break.  Day in and day out, I braced, I winced and it still read "Lottery."  So today I just went in expecting to find the same.  

Lo and behold, "Accepted"!  Finally!

I channeled that excitement into my first speed workout -- an 8x1 min at 5K pace fartlek -- since rehabbing the knee.  With no pain to speak of, I hopped back into the car to ride home from the gym (an ice storm forced me back onto the treadmill, go figure) and blasted "Empire State of Mind."

New York is one of the major marathons I have yet to add to my running resume...yet.  After I realized that I qualified for New York (in last year's National Half Marathon, thanks to a 1:21:48), I knew it was time.  That means two marathons in one year.  

I know that people do this and even take on more, but venturing into the two marathon territory in a span of six months is new for me.  I tend to get so beat up from one marathon that I can't fathom a second in less than 12 months, but 2011 is the year: Boston in April.  New York in November. 

As I get ready for Boston, I can't help but think of New York.  I still get chills thinking of Meb breaking away in 2009 and darting through Central Park by himself -- or by himself on the course, I should say.  Because the crowd erupted when Meb went by, and with the finish line in sight, he started pointing at the "USA" on his jersey, which nearly incited a riot...and then tears.

As Frank Sinatra sang, "I want to be a part of it...If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere."

So New York Marathon veterans, help me celebrate.  Tell me what to expect this November when I'm part of it....

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